Bolivian Prosecutor’s Office files accusation against former de facto officials for tear gas case | News


The Bolivian Attorney General’s Office reported this Thursday that a formal accusation was filed against nine former officials of the de facto Government of Jeaniene Áñez implicated in the irregular purchase of tear gas for the police in 2019.


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“The Commission of Prosecutors presented before the jurisdictional authority the formal accusation against nine people involved in the process of irregular contracting of acquisition of anti-riot or anti-riot gas for the Bolivian Police, through the Ministry of Defense, carried out at the end of the administration 2019 ”, indicated the attorney general Juan Lanchipa.

According to the prosecutor’s statement, this action cost the State about 16 million Bolivians (approximately 2.3 million dollars) and, among those involved, are the de facto former ministers of Government Arturo Murillo, and of Defense, Fernando López.

During a press conference, Lanchipa indicated that the accusation is based on 37 testimony and 179 documentary evidence.

“The crimes attributed to the accused are improper use of influence, negotiations incompatible with the exercise of public function and breach of duties, contracts harmful to the State, wasteful conduct, illicit enrichment of individuals affecting the State,” among others, he specified.

The Attorney General’s Office requested a conviction and a maximum sentence for the accused of ten years in prison, in addition to considering the aggravating factors. Now they hope that the jurisdictional authority announces the start of the trial and that the declaration of rebellion of some of the harassed does not prevent its development.

In addition to Murillo and López, the former director of Administrative Affairs of the Ministry of Government, Sergio Alberto Zamora, who are declared in absentia, is also accused, as well as the legal representative of the company Bravo Tactical Solutions, Bryan Samuel Berman.

In addition, the former director of Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Defense, Raúl López, and the former head of the Legal Analysis Unit of that entity, Alex Camacho; the former Director of Logistics; Pedro Rea, the former director general of Administrative Matters, Ruth Palomeque; and the former head of class five articles of the aforementioned Ministry, Denis Vera.

In the first months of the de facto government, the Ministry of Defense bought tear gas from the Brazilian company Cóndor, with the intermediation of the Bravo company, and the transaction was carried out at a premium.

During the coup d’état on November 10, 2019, the violent actions of the security forces against the demonstrations left around 35 deaths, 800 injured, more than 1,500 detained and hundreds of exiles.

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