Bolivian Prosecutor's Office asks for 30 years for former de facto president | News

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The Bolivian Prosecutor's Office presented this Monday the formal accusation against the former de facto president Jeanine Áñez, several of her former collaborators, as well as former military and police chiefs, for the Sacaba and Senkata massacres during the 2019 coup d'état.


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The State Attorney General, Juan Lanchipa, reported that the accusation, in both cases, is for the crime of genocide and that a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison is being requested.

Lanchipa explained that "Jeanine Áñez made contact with the high command of the Armed Forces, as well as the Police, at the same time that the joint operations were taking place in the municipality of Sacaba."

According to the attorney general, these facts are "duly accredited with the evidence that was collected in the investigative process and that now form part of the evidence."

According to Lanchipa, 180 informative interviews were received from military personnel, 110 interviews from police officials and statements from 120 civilians who participated in the march.

Áñez is accused of the Sacaba and Senkata massacres: on November 15, 2019, a group of marchers from the Cochabamba Tropics was prevented from passing through the Huayllani bridge in Sacaba, where, as confirmed by Lanchipa, "they were violently repressed." by a police and military contingent that was carrying out joint operations".

According to the prosecutor, 10 people lost their lives in the event due to impacts from firearm projectiles and "multiple people" were injured under the same conditions.

For the accusation of the former de facto president, who headed the Government after the overthrow of President Evo Morales in November 2019, "a considerable amount of documentary evidence was also collected, including reports, official letters, operational plans, campaign diaries, etc., which total 350 (and which will be presented) in the oral trial (along with) 10 autopsy protocols, medical reports and clinical histories, 18 expert opinions, among other elements."

The 18 accused are "for the commission of the crime of genocide, provided for in the sanction of article 138 of the Penal Code for those who, by virtue of the serious violation of human rights, mainly the right to life and personal integrity, to At the conclusion of the oral trial, the imposition of a conviction with a maximum penalty of 30 years of deprivation of liberty will be requested.”

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