Bolivian Héctor Garibay wins the CDMX Marathon, with a new record

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The Bolivian Hector Garibay He went from less to more to overcome the siege of the powerful African rivals and win the Mexico City Marathon this Sunday, with a record time of 2:08:23.

Garibay surpassed the Kenyans Leonard Langat (2h 11:06) and Edwin Kiptoo (2h 11:15), while in women, Kenya swept Celestine Chepchirchir (2h 27:17), Maurine Chepkemoi (2h 27:37) and Judith Jeribet (2h 30:51).

On a morning with light rain that did not bother, Garibay went out with the peloton that passed the 5 kilometer section at an average speed of three minutes per kilometer. The group slowed down and the South American did not show signs of weakness against the kenyans.

Around minute 45, before going through the Angel of Independence, one of the main symbols of the capital, Garibay had a mishap; he passed by at the hydration station. He returned for his drink and was late, however, he soon returned to the main group.

After the Half marathon, the Bolivian attacked; Kiptoo responded, but the Bolivian was on the prowl, counterattacked and went ahead, with no response from the opponents.

At minute 40, Garibay already had a 2:18-minute lead and the marathon was decided. Knowing that he had the record in the bag, he accelerated and became the first runner with a time of 2h10 in the 40 years of the competition.

Kiptoo suffered the consequence of the fight with Garibay; at kilometer 41 he was overtaken by Langat.

“That they support us more; in bolivian there is a lot of talent”, Garibay told the media, who improved by more than two minutes the record of 2h 10:38, set in 2018 by the Kenyan Titu Ekiru.

In women the competition was closed until the end. After kilometer 10, which happened at 34:18 minutes, the leading group got into disorder; Maurine Chepkemoi made a change of pace and took the lead by six seconds as they passed the 15km mark.

Maurine also faced difficulties and was passed by Chepkirir. They got together again after kilometer 20 and from there they went together.

Near 38, Chepchirchir attacked, received no response and went to the finish line alone.

He Mexico City marathonwhich has been won by top-level runners such as world runners-up Dionicio Cerón, Mexican three-time London marathon champion, and Simon Biwott, Kenyan Berlin marathon champion, turned 40 with more than 30,000 runners, most of them recreational.

Those marathon runners brought joy to the competition, in a bid to surpass themselves, far from the great cash prizes.

The main witness to the party was the Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie, one of the greatest runners Long-distance story, personality at the award ceremony.

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