Bolivian Chamber approves bill against forced labor | News

The Bolivian Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday the draft Law on the Protocol Relating to the Convention on Forced Labor, which was sent to the Senate for further analysis.


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According to the Chamber, the duty to implement measures to eliminate forced compulsory labor is ratified, as well as the need to guarantee compensation for damages to victims and the corresponding sanctions to the authors of the criminal act.

In this sense, the regulations approved by the Chamber are consistent with article 15, which establishes that no person shall be subjected to any case of slavery, in addition to prohibiting human trafficking.

Likewise, the Bolivian country has Law 263, oriented against human trafficking, in which forced labor is defined as any service performed under threat, or without the consent of those involved.

“Absolutely no one is in favor of this crime, which even has to do with human trafficking and smuggling,” declared the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani Laura.

It should be noted that the approved Protocol emphasizes that the Ministries of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare, of Justice and Institutional Transparency, of the Government to draw up strategies for the implementation of the legislation.