Bolivia will define actions against violence in schools | News

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The Bolivian Minister of Education, Edgar Pary, reported this Friday that President Luis Arce summoned actors from the education and security system to a meeting next week to define guidelines to follow to prevent the physical, sexual and psychological violence that has taken place. in educational units.


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"Our brother President Luis Alberto Arce Catacora is concerned about the acts of physical, sexual, and psychological violence that have been occurring in the country's educational units," Edgar Pary pointed out.

By stating that "the national government rejects, repudiates, and condemns the acts of physical, sexual, and psychological violence," the official lamented the violations that occurred in educational units in the country, specifically in the German school in Santa Cruz.

Likewise, he affirmed that the Government will continue to fight against this scourge that affects girls, boys, and young students, upon verifying that masked fifth-grade high school students sexually abused other children in the school bathrooms, according to statements of one of the abused minors.

In this sense, the prosecutor of the department of Santa Cruz, Roger Mariaca, specified on Thursday that two alleged cases of sexual abuse of minors at the German School are being investigated.

Even without pointing out other factors that have determined the events, Edgar Pary pointed out that the Departmental Governments have the attribution of being "responsible for providing, financing and guaranteeing basic services, infrastructure, furniture, educational material and equipment to the Technical and Technological Institutes in your jurisdiction."

For her part, the Vice Minister of Equal Opportunities, Nadia Cruz, pointed out that, in the last 10 years - between 2013 and 2023 - the Public Ministry registered 7,115 cases of family and domestic violence against victims between 0 and 17 years of age; 15,661 cases of violence against infants, girls, boys or adolescents; 9,794 rapes of minors and 469 cases of infanticide.

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