Bolivia will create a commission to raise issues of labor justice | News

The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, announced on Thursday the formation of a commission with the fundamental task of analyzing and raising specific issues on labor justice in the nation.


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After a meeting held with the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB), in the Casa Grande del Pueblo, the president stressed that the Government listened to the concerns and proposals of the people on the transformation of justice in the workplace.

“We have decided today (Thursday) in the morning, first for the labor issue, to form a small commission to strictly attend to the issues of justice in labor matters,” the Executive said.

Likewise, he specified that to strengthen Bolivian justice, the COB will be invited to the next National Summit, in which they will present the proposal submitted by this sector.

“We also received the petition from our workers, which will be analyzed in the commissions that will be formed, with responsibility towards the Bolivian people,” he said.

Accordingly, the executive secretary of the COB, Juan Carlos Huarachi, stressed that one of the actions proposed by the labor union is to promote a reform of the problem of justice in the country in general.

“This meeting has been productive and the president has perfectly understood the work that the COB and popular sectors are doing on the malpractice of justice,” Huarachi stressed.