Bolivia proposes Group of Friends of Harmony with Nature | News

The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, proposed this Friday the creation of a Group of Friends of Harmony with Nature, on the occasion of International Mother Earth Day, during the Opening Session of the Interactive Dialogue on Harmony with Nature of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).


Bolivia celebrates Mother Earth Day with international meeting

The main objective is to discover innovative and inclusive strategies in order to build an economy for the good life of people. “We invite all States to work together to fulfill our commitments to our peoples, to our global big house, which is Mother Earth,” said Arce.

In addition, he commented that after ten years of discussions on the respect and harmony of nature, “it is time to put into practice everything learned and discussed”, to define a strategy that allows meeting the biodiversity goals for 2050. .

The Bolivian president defended that this is the only way to face the current challenges in terms of equity, social and ecological justice. “The unlimited accumulation of capital and the inequalities it generates have precipitated a profound rupture between the production and consumption systems, and in the planet’s capacity for regeneration,” he denounced.

The president described as unsustainable the intention to “concentrate income in few hands”, and pointed out that economic models must allow the redistribution of wealth, the reduction of inequalities and development in harmony with Mother Earth.

“Globally, the most privileged 1 percent control 70 percent of agricultural land. In my region alone, Latin America, the poorest half of the population has access to only 2 percent of arable land. And the trend is that these inequalities continue to deepen, ”she warned.

The head of state urged to build a new model of life, resolve the economic, social, and political contradictions caused by the capitalist model.