Bolivia prepares for oral arguments before the ICJ on the Silala River | News


The Bolivian delegation refines the last details on the oral arguments that it will present this Friday before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in The Hague (Netherlands), with the beginning of the hearings on the dispute with Chile for the use of Silala river waters.


They celebrate the 27th anniversary of MAS-IPSP in Bolivia

“One day after the start of the oral arguments, Bolivia finalizes details with the team of legal advisors,” the Foreign Ministry of that nation reported on its social networks on Thursday.

In addition, he specified that the delegation is headed by Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta; the agent before the ICJ, Roberto Calzadilla; and the secretary general of the Strategic Directorate for Maritime Claims (Diremar), Emerson Calderón.

Both the Bolivian and Chilean delegations will have between April 1 and 14 to argue their respective positions and defend their positions before the ICJ.

In 2016, Chile sued Bolivia stating that the waters of the Silala arose from an international river and not a spring, requesting that it be declared an international watercourse. Subsequently, Bolivia submitted in 2018 to the court its countermemory and a counterclaim to express its position on the use of these waters.

The Silala is located in the Andean highlands between Chile and Bolivia, and runs about 10 kilometers and starts in the Potosí area (Bolivia) and ends in the San Pedro de Inacaliri and Loa rivers, Antofagasta (Chile).

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