Bolivia confirms reduction of Covid-19 cases by 49% | News


The Ministry of Health and Sports in Bolivia specified this Monday that the cases of Covid-19 were reduced by 49 percent in relation to the confirmed data of last week, in the context of the fifth epidemiological wave that the country is facing. .


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In this sense, the Minister of Health and Sports, Jeyson Auza, at a press conference, expressed that “this is the seventh consecutive week of a decrease in Covid-19 cases at the national level in the de-escalation of the fifth wave.”

During the last epidemiological week, Bolivia reported 1,104 cases, a decrease of 49 percent compared to the previous period (2,146 positives).

“Little by little we are overcoming the pandemic. Our comprehensive response strategies against Covid-19 are giving the expected results”, communicated the representative of the Bolivian portfolio.

The fatality rate remains at 0.1 percent, a figure below the epidemiological projections of the health authorities, in a context where the country reports 1,107,201 confirmed cases and 22,228 deaths since the start of the pandemic in its territory.

Regarding the fatality rate, the Minister of Health stressed that a reduction of 62 times is reported in relation to the first wave, when the indicator was 7.1 percent, compared to the fifth wave that registers 0.1 percent.

In a comparison between the first and fifth waves, the departments that reduced their fatality rate the most were Santa Cruz by 97 times, Chuquisaca by 64, and Cochabamba by 46.5.

After highlighting the success in managing the pandemic, Auzo said: “We hopefully view the possibility of returning to a new normality. This does not mean that we should lower our guard. We ask the population to apply biosecurity measures.”

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