Bolivia celebrates Celac's role as a gateway for the BRICS group | News

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The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, spoke on Tuesday in the sense that the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) is what he called "a tool for the construction of an emancipatory integration" and to open a relationship with the BRICS.


President Arce calls to strengthen the Plurinational State

This is how Arce pronounced himself regarding his intervention at the VII Celac Summit which is taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the day of this Tuesday and which was inaugurated earlier by the local president, Alberto Fernández.

According to the Bolivian president, "CELAC should be the space and the tool for the construction of a new type of emancipatory, multidimensional and non-subordinate integration between our states and peoples," said Arce.

In this sense, the Bolivian president stated that Celac should allow an opening with the BRICS bloc so that "Latin America and the Caribbean should be an active part of the construction of a multipolar world."

He expanded, in this direction, that "CELAC should serve to begin to open a relationship with the countries that make up the BRICS, also under favorable conditions, to participate and influence this new world-economy that is being configured from the change of axis of the world economy [oceáno] Atlantic to Asia Pacific.

He also warned that the international system emerging from World War II is in crisis, but "not to produce another better and more balanced system."

Arce pointed out, in this direction, “today we are facing a multiple and systematic capitalist crisis that increasingly puts the lives of humanity and our Mother Earth at risk, a food, water, energy, climate, health, economic, commercial crisis And social".

The Bolivian president concluded that "the Community, which in our valuable diversity unites us and allows us to consolidate our Latin American and Caribbean identity towards the world, from where, I am sure, we will be able to provide valuable responses to the difficult times we are facing."

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