Bolivia calls to build a new horizon of life | News

Bolivia calls to build a new horizon of life |
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The vice president of Bolivia, David Choquehuanca, stated this Friday at the G77 plus China Summit that from the south of our countries we must build a new world order with social justice to live well.


Countries of the global south call for solutions with justice

“The right to well-being that we demand in our countries is not the development of Western civilization that has put the planet and Mother Earth at risk,” the vice president stressed.

In this way, he called to build and rebuild our own paths from our roots, the values ​​and codes of the culture of life, and the need to start from the roots to obtain freedom.

In this sense, he said that elements of Western science have served as a foundation for colonization and recolonization and subjugation with the weapons of science and technology, as well as for the policies of domination.

Likewise, he urged respect and formalization to achieve balance and harmony in the value of the ancestral and multicultural wisdom and wisdom of the people, assuming them on equal terms, which is considered hegemonic truth.

“The ancient wisdom emerges from the library of Mother Earth and her great laboratory of life that belongs to everyone,” he said.

Likewise, he warned that artificial intelligence can mean a definitive break between human beings and nature on their path towards transhumanism, as well as the danger of the capitalist system in the increase of the digital, scientific and technological divide.

He said that science and technology are complicit in an incredibly unfair, inequitable and polarized world. Furthermore, he stated that he agreed with the use of the best science available for political decision-making, but warned of critical analysis and conscience from the epistemology of indigenous peoples.

“The rhetoric of the benefits of technological innovations for everyone is the excuse to install the dictatorship of the owners and operations of the technology and innovation transnationals… technological transfer is part of the myth of development,” Choquehuanca stressed.

Likewise, he urged the change of the United Nations Organization (UN), the International Financial System and called for the change of the tenth Pachakuti for the repair of the damage caused to humanity and Mother Earth and the return to the systems of self-sufficient life.

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