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The governments of Bolivia and Peru agreed on Saturday an action plan to strengthen and coordinate the Comprehensive Fight Against Drug Trafficking during a high-level meeting in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz.


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At the IX Meeting of the Bolivian-Peruvian Mixed Commission for the Fight against Drug Trafficking, which took place over two days, both nations agreed to promote the Regional Anti-Narcotics Intelligence Center (Cerian) to strengthen its mission on the shared border.

"We have established the 2022-2023 operational plan for cooperation in alternative, comprehensive and sustainable development with prevention of consumption, rehabilitation, control of illicit drug trafficking and related crimes," the Bolivian Deputy Minister of Social Defense and Substances told the press. Controlled, Jaime Mamani Espíndola.

The deputy minister assured that the goal of the 35 actions outlined is to address illicit drug trafficking in a comprehensive manner and annul the transnational gangs that govern these criminal operations.

Among the agreed actions are the coordinated and simultaneous operations in border regions by air, land and lake, the deepening of the exchange of intelligence information and experiences in the fight against drug trafficking and related crimes, explained Mamani.

They also referred to the methodology for monitoring coca crops and the reduction of surplus crops through satellite images and field verification on both sides of the common perimeter.

To do this, Mamani added, they will establish integrated airspace control mechanisms between the respective air forces, with "regular information on illegal aircraft dedicated to drug trafficking" at the border.

The IX Meeting of the Bolivian-Peruvian Mixed Commission for the Fight against Drug Trafficking was closed by the Bolivian Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, and the Peruvian side was represented by the ambassador in Lima, Carina Palacios, and other authorities from the neighboring government.

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