Bolivia adds 174 cases of monkeypox | News

The Minister of Health and Sports of Bolivia, Jeyson Auza, reported Monday that 174 cases of monkeypox have been reported in the country to date, of which 113 are active.


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At a press conference, Auza presented the epidemiological report for the week, specifying that “at the moment the cases are concentrated in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and La Paz, in that order.”

Regarding the age range of the people infected with the virus, he explained that five are between 15 and 19 years old; while 94 patients are between 20 and 39 years old; ten are between 40 and 49; and four people are 50 to 59 years old.

The minister indicated that 61 people recovered, which represents 35 percent of the total. Of that total, 50 are in Santa Cruz, five in Conchabamba, four in La Paz, one in Chuquisaca and another person in Potosí.

According to data from the health agency, to date 685 suspected cases have been reported, of which 174 have been confirmed and 511 have been ruled out.

The Bolivian authorities declared, last May, the epidemiological alert for the virus, and have implemented the protocols for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of both the confirmed cases and their contacts.

Current situation of the Covid-19

Minister Auza also reported on the situation of Covid-19 in the country, detailing that this week 714 cases were reported in the national territory.

“In Week 38, 714 cases were confirmed nationwide, which represents a reduction of 35 percent, or 390 fewer cases, compared to the previous week,” he said.

In addition, he stressed that the decrease in infections is due to the comprehensive strategy implemented by the Government led by President Luis Arce, guaranteeing the necessary care for the population.

“This is the clear difference of dealing with the pandemic with a comprehensive strategy, with free nasal antigen tests and PCR tests, with medicines available and vaccination, all free,” he emphasized.