Boeing will return to court to answer for the tragic

Boeing will return to court to answer for the tragic accidents of its 737 MAX plane

The multinational is facing a formal accusation, since the relatives of the 346 victims of the registered accidents intend to revoke an agreement where they assure only the Department of Justice participated.

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American multinational that designs, manufactures and sells aircrafthelicopters, missiles and satellites and provides advice and technical service, will return to court to face an indictment related to the accidents involving two of its 737 MAX aircraft.

Judge Reed O’Connor, head of a Texas Court, prosecuted the Boeing company for a “felony”, after the relatives of the victims of the two fatal accidents of their 737 MAX model aircraft opposed an agreement criminal immunity, obtained in January 2021.

In this way, andThe agreement reached by the aircraft manufacturer with the Department of Justice, which was opposed by the relatives of the affected families, is at risk of collapsing.

The magistrate determined that this Thursday Boeing must appear for a reading of charges and the court will hold a hearing where It is expected that the testimonies of relatives who lost their loved ones in two Boeing 737 MAX plane accidents, which left a balance of 346 dead, can be heard.

The first incident occurred in October 2018, in Indonesia, where 189 people died on Lion Air Flight 610.

Five months later, another Boeing-made aircraft crashed to the ground, killing 157 people, in March 2019 while on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

allegedly, A faulty sensor in the 737 MAX’s automated flight control system, which Boeing did not initially disclose to airlines or pilots, was involved in both accidents.

This device repeatedly forced the planes to descend and this caused the pilots to lose control until they fell.

After two years of being on the ground where design changes were made and training courses were given to various pilots, the Federal Aviation Administration cleared the 737 MAX aircraft to return to service.

Also, Boeing was forced to pay $2.5 billion to avoid prosecution on a criminal charge of defrauding federal regulators who approved the 737 MAX.

Although the agreement included a fund of $500 million dollars to compensate the relatives of the victims, several of them assure that they were not taken into account in the negotiations. between the aircraft manufacturer and the Department of Justice, so they seek to revoke the agreement so that the Arlington, Virginia-based company is more severely sanctioned.

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