Bodybuilders that ended in tragedy; this is his story

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Is he World Bodybuilding Daya discipline that demonstrates the ability to bring the body's muscles to the point maximum strength and aesthetics, but those who practice it do not always have a happy ending. Therefore, here a list of the bodybuilders that ended in tragedy.

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The obsession to be more voluminous, strong and aesthetically perfect can lead to Extreme situations that put lives at risk or lead them to irreparable situations; An example of this is these bodybuilders that They ended in tragedy. Which ones did you know?

5 bodybuilders with sad endings

  • Jo Lindner: he bodybuilder known as Joesthetics was a victim of problems caused by illness cerebrovascular, which caused his death at the age of 30. According to what was revealed, a aneurysm which caused bleeding while he was sleeping with his girlfriend, ending in tragedy.

  • Justyn Vicky: in the case of this 33 year old bodybuilderfrom Indonesia, a accident was the one who took his life, since at carrying a 210 kilo bar in a squat, it fell above the neck and head.

  • Rich Piana: at 46 years of agethis bodybuilder died unknown way, but it is believed that the Heart problems They caused the tragedy. It should be noted that Rich Piana confessed to having administered steroidswhich is why he advised others not to make his mistake.

  • Neil Currey: a few months ago, this British competitor of Mr. Olimpia died at 34 years old for unknown reasons. However, his sudden departure has led to rumors and controversies, since he was one of the best bodybuilders of the moment.
  • Ronnie Coleman: the eight-time champion Mr. Olimpia, had a sad endingalthough fortunately It didn't end in tragedy.. This is because due to several injuries from carrying excessive weights They deflected the discs in his spine and caused hernias. Now, must travel in a wheelchair and can remain standing for a limited time.

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These are some of the bodybuilders who gave everything in the gym, to the extreme point; some stories ended in tragedy, others led to lifelong injuries that prevent them from moving. Therefore, in this World Bodybuilding Day And always, it is better to lead a healthy and balanced life.

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