Body of prosecutor assassinated in Colombia arrives in Paraguay | News


The body of Marcelo Pecci, the Paraguayan anti-drug prosecutor assassinated by assassins in Colombia last Tuesday, arrived in Asunción this Saturday on a commercial flight from Cartagena de Indias.


Paraguayans march in honor of murdered prosecutor Marcelo Pecci

The arrival of Pecci’s body occurs when on Friday night some 2,000 people marched in silence through the radio center of Asunción in tribute to the anti-drug prosecutor.

Under the slogan “For Bravery and Courage”, the contingent headed by the State Attorney General, Sandra Quiñonez, went to the National Pantheon of Heroes where several of her colleagues repudiated the crime in an act and highlighted the personality of the representative of the Public Ministry.

With black shirts symbolizing mourning, banners such as “Marcelo Pecci lives”, “There is no peace without justice” among numerous other messages, prosecutors, judges, former faculty and school classmates and even members of sports entities and firefighters to whom he was linked, They walked about 10 blocks from the prosecutor’s office to pay tribute to him.

The mortal remains of the prosecutor against organized crime Marcelo Pecci arrived before 05:00 local hours at the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, in the city of Luque, Central Department.

The coffin arrived on a Copa Airlines flight and was received by relatives, a delegation of prosecutors and national authorities, in the sector of the Presidential jetty.

In the place, a tribute was made with the presence of the military band, in which, among others, the Attorney General, Sandra Quiñonez and the Minister of the Interior, Federico González, participated. The father, Francisco Pecci, was in charge of placing a Paraguayan flag on the coffin.

Later, the prosecutor’s remains left Luque, accompanied by a caravan of vehicles that escorted him to the Training Center of the Public Ministry, where his fellow prosecutors, directors, and other officials paid him a posthumous tribute.

Finally, those close to Marcelo Pecci will be able to say their last goodbye to the prosecutor, whose remains will be veiled until before his burial scheduled for this Sunday morning in the Recoleta cemetery.

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