Bodies of at least 20 migrants found in Libyan desert | News


Libyan authorities reported Wednesday that a group of rescuers found at least 20 deceased migrants in the desert near the border with Chad in central Africa.


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According to the Kufra Ambulance and Emergency Service, the vehicle in which they were traveling was located 310 kilometers from the Libyan district of Kufra, and had suffered technical breakdowns, for which allegedly “everyone died of thirst.”

The instance indicated that apparently, the car was heading from Chad to Libya, where it had traveled about 120 kilometers when the vehicle broke down.

Speaking to international agencies by telephone, the head of Kufra ambulances, Ibrahim Belhasan, pointed out that “the driver was lost (…) and we believe that the group died in the desert about 14 days ago, since the last call to a mobile phone there was on June 13.”

Belhasan also argued that two of the bodies were of Libyan nationality and considers that the rest came illegally from Chad. The representative of the Ambulance and Emergency Service assured that the bodies were handed over to the relevant authorities to process their respective burials.

The bodies were discovered by a truck driver traveling through the desert, and he immediately raised the alarm with the authorities.

During the summer season, temperatures exceed 40 degrees in the Libyan desert, a region that is also sparsely populated.

In recent years, Libya’s borders have become routes heavily exploited by smugglers, migrant groups and human traffickers from Chad, Niger and Sudan, most of whom seek to undertake a risky journey through the Mediterranean Sea, to arrive illegally. to European countries.

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