Boca Juniors fan boy who sold PlayStation now has a console

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The final of the 2023 Copa Libertadores caused madness among Boca Juniors fans, as many traveled from Argentina to attend the match against Fluminense, among them a boy who went viral for the way he got the money to go.

Unfortunately for the fans of the Buenos Aires team, the local team ended up winning the Conmebol title with a 2-1 in overtime.

Before the game at the Maracaná Stadium, The story of a small Xeneize fan who sacrificed her PlayStation went viral to be able to go to Rio de Janeiro and witness the final party of the competition.

Benjamin, He confessed in an interview with Argentine television that he raffled off his console, while his father did the same with his motorcycle, so he could go to Brazil, even without having tickets for the duel between Boca and Fluminense.

"Look what this is, this is Boca, crazy! Come on, Boca!" the boy shouted over the Argentine fans who were in the city of Brazil for the Copa Libertadores title match.

How did you get tickets for the Copa Libertadores final?

Benjamín went viral for the above, because they considered that it was an excess to watch a soccer match in Brazil, while others supported the action of the child, who in the end was able to enter the duel between Boca Juniors and Fluminense.

According to Argentine media, the agency Absolut Sport, which is a member of Conmebol, decided to give away a pair of tickets to the little boy and his father so that they could enter the Maracaná and watch the match, in addition to two nights in a hotel.

Boca Juniors fan child receives new PlayStation

Days after Boca Juniors lost the Copa Libertadores final to Fluminense, it was revealed that the boy who sold his PlayStation to go to Brazil could already be receiving a new console.

Through social networks, a user identified as Polo Silva, showed a video in which other Xeneizes followers They claimed that they were going to give Benjamín a PlayStation 5.

The above, just minutes before the final of the Copa Libertadores begins and already installed in their seats at the Maracaná Stadium. "I can't believe it, with the entry it was too much"says the boy with a smile.


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