Boca Juniors beat Newell's 1-0 and is excited about qualifying for the 2024 Libertadores

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Boca Juniors returned to victory after the defeat in the Copa Libertadores final and, in the last game of the year at La Bombonera, they beat Newell's 1-0 thanks to a penalty goal from Miguel Merentiel in the 44th minute of the second time.

In an even process, with scoring chances for both teams, those led by Mariano Herrón were able to find the advantage at the end of the match thanks to a penalty goal scored by Merentiel.

With this victory, Boca is excited to qualify for the 2024 Copa Libertadores by annual table, since it has accumulated 59 points overall and was three points behind Rosario Central, the last classified in that way. He Xeneize They must win on the last date against Godoy Cruz as a visitor and wait for other results.

In any case, Boca maintains the chance to get into the Libertadores for the Argentine Cup, in which it is in the semifinals and will face Estudiantes de La Plata.

With a goal from Miguel Merentiel, Boca Juniors defeated Newell's 1-0 at La Bombonera.

ST - 44 minutes: Goal from Boca!

Miguel Merentiel converted the penalty with a strong shot to the goalkeeper's left. Xeneize beats Newell's 1-0.

ST - 42 minutes: Penalty for Boca!

Balzi brought down Miguel Merentiel in the area and the referee scored the maximum penalty.

ST - 34 minutes: Chiquito Romero saved Boca!

The goalkeeper rejected May's shot from the corner and then saved a header.

ST - 28 minutes: Newell's missed the first goal!

Guillermo May faced Chiquito Romero, but he opened too much and the Boca goalkeeper was able to contain the danger.

ST - 26 minutes: Good counterattack by Boca that ended with a high shot from Pipa Benedetto. Mariano Herrón's team cannot violate Newell's.

ST - 20 minutes: Cavani asked for the change!

The Uruguayan striker felt discomfort in the thigh of his left leg. Darío Benedetto took his place.

ST - 8 minutes: Shot by Miguel Merentiel that passed near Lucas Hoyos' right post.

The second half has started!

Boca and Newell's play the complementary stage. Cristian Medina retired at the venue and Jabes Saralegui entered. Guillermo May and Francisco González entered the visit to replace Cristian Ferreira and Jorge Recalde.

Credit: Photo Baires
Credit: Photo Baires

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