Blur's Damon Albarn performs Featherweight Ella Baila Sola at Corona Capital 2023

Blur's Damon Albarn performs Featherweight Ella Baila Sola at Corona
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This weekend the Crown Capital 2023 and on its second day the band in charge of closing the musical event was Blur, English band led by Damon Albarn, who surprised the audience by playing a Peso Pluma song.

In his presentation at Corona Capital 2023, Damon Albarn, who is also behind the band Gorillaz, decided to play a fragment of the song “She dances alone”, a song that Peso Pluma he plays alongside Eslabón Armado.

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The audience at the Blur concert noticed what song Damon was playing and He did not hesitate to shout and applaud after recognizing the theme of the native of Jalisco.

The singer, after performing the Double P song for a few moments, took the microphone to say the following:

“I love that song,” he said.

Blur was one of the most anticipated groups of the night at the festival and It will be on Sunday, November 19 when it closes with a flourish its 2023 edition with the presentation of The Cure.

Damon Albarn reveals that he likes Featherweight's music

The singer recently gave an interview to MOJO magazine where, in addition to talking about Blur's new album, The singer surprised by revealing that he is a great admirer of the Mexican's music.

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“The new thing I like the most is Featherweight. He is this young Mexican who won 8 Latin Grammys. He plays this kind of music that talks about gang life, but it's very musical. He has accordions, trumpets, beautiful melodies. He has a great voice. “Everyone should listen to it.”

So far Featherweight has not made a statement regarding the comment that Damon Albarn made about him.

It should be noted that a few days ago Featherweight was presented for the first time at the Foro Sol which was full of his fans despite the fact that it was commented that the singer would not sell out.


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