Blue Demon Jr.: "The mask gives us super powers"

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Blue Demon Jr was blunt... "Wrestlers are not superheroes!" Since the establishment of wrestling in Mexico, back in 1933, pankration fans began to consider gladiators as mythological beings, because above the ring they showed themselves as invincible, powerful, fast, agile and tireless men; nothing and no one could stop them.

Those qualities brought some fighters to the big screen to save the world from the clutches of beings from beyond, mad scientists and monsters; roles with which they earned the nickname of flesh and blood superheroes, a nickname that the son of the Blue Legend, Blue Demon Jr, categorically rejected, and indicated that all gladiators are human beings, with errors and virtues.

“Wrestlers are not superheroes, superheroes are perfect and a masked wrestler is a human being and has the privilege of making mistakes, therefore I am an anti-hero. I don't mind painting a finger or telling someone off, I thank people for putting us in a status, but they forget that we feel, we have fought fractured and we can well say I don't fight, but we have the meaning of responsibility. If it were a Cristiano Ronaldo, a Lionel Messi or a Guillermo Ochoa, with a minimal injury to a tendon or a finger, they do not play and leave the entire public on tenterhooks, but there is someone who can replace them, there is no Blue Demon here Let him rise from emerging,” explained the follower of the Blue Legend, who gave the nickname of heroes with supernatural powers to all the fans who risk their lives in the concrete jungle in search of daily sustenance:

“The responsibility I have is inherited from my father, who was an excellent professional performer, he fought injured, sick, with fever. I repeat, the superheroes are the ones who are in front of the fighter, they are the ones who fight every day to leave their homes early to work and bring food to their children and their family despite being sick or not; So the public really deserves the nickname of superheroes, that's why we fighters decide to give them entertainment at the cost of our lives, and I say, at the cost of our lives because every time we get into a ring we are one hair away from losing it," he pointed out in exclusive for MILENIO-La Aficion.

Likewise, Blue Demon Jr, who revealed himself to be a dog and cat lover, expressed that the cover that Alejandro Muñoz Moreno inherited from him fills him with mystical powers that make him forget his fears and insecurities.

“Masks give us super powers. The person under the Blue Demon mask is afraid of heights, but with the mask on they are removed and he jumps from the top rope; Without the mask he would not be able to give a lecture or speak in front of hundreds of people. The mask has mysticism and when I put it on my personality changes completely. This mask is mystical and deserves immense respect; This mask is what I love most after my wife and my family, because it is what my father loved and that in life he gave it to me, he gave me his magic, he gave me that range of mysteries that Blue Demon contains," he shared.

From victim to victimizer

The follower of the Blue Demon recalled that his father did not want him to follow in his footsteps as a fighter, so he gave him tough tests to earn a place in the world of pankration.

“They gave me very strong tests. My dad didn't want me to be a wrestler. In training he broke my nose, the next day he was going to train and I went down to go with him. After 15 days or so his right shoulder dislocated and I went to train. Then he kept me in the bag for about six months with the Villains until I got tired; I went to the Guelatao gym where I met my Olympic wrestling teachers, El Toro and Cheche, they started teaching me and in the next fight, my dad wanted to fight me, and unintentionally, I projected him and suplexed him. He got up and told me: 'Let's sit there, what you did is not anything, what are you doing?'. I responded that he was training separately because he didn't want to teach me, that's when he realized that I had that hunger to want to be a fighter," he concluded.

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