Blinken says in the US Senate that a ceasefire now would strengthen Hamas

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There is a global feeling, expressed clearly in the UN, that a truce needs to be established to allow humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip.

The United States, however, insists on its refusal, which has left it practically alone on Israel's side in this matter. Secretary of State Antony Blinken insisted yesterday in the Senate, in a committee on increasing funding to Jerusalem, that a ceasefire at this time “would only consolidate what Hamas has been able to do and allow it to remain where it is and potentially repeating what he did the other day, and that is not tolerable.”

Blinken was referring to the day of October 7, when the extremist group launched an attack against Israel that left more than 1,400 dead. Since then, an indiscriminate retaliation by the Israeli army has been unleashed, leaving at least 7,000 dead in Gaza.

A group of pacifists disrupted the Senate session demanding a ceasefire in Gaza

Blinken was a first-hand witness to the rejection that this stance of letting Israel do is provoked. Various pacifists interrupted him during his speech to ask for peace. “Ceasefire now,” “Save the children of Gaza,” or “Where is your pride, America?” They shouted while showing their hands colored as if they were blood, accusing their own country of being behind that revenge.

Every time an activist started shouting – “The world is asking for a ceasefire, we Americans do not support this war” – the agents escorted him out of the room. The scene was repeated several times.

Blinken maintained a face of circumstances at all times. Until, without changing his face, he decided to face the matter. “I have been able to hear a lot of the passions expressed in this room and outside,” he said. “We are all committed to protecting civilian lives. All of us know of the suffering that is occurring as we speak. “We are all determined to put an end to this.”

“But all of us have the imperative to defend our allies when security and democracy are at risk. This is what is happening now,” she stressed. “We stand resolutely at your side, while resolutely advocating for the protection of innocent civilians,” he insisted.

In any case, he reiterated the idea of ​​“humanitarian pauses,” but not an attitude that would allow Hamas to remain in power.

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