Bitter tie between Uruguay and South Korea in Qatar 2022

Bitter tie between Uruguay and South Korea in Qatar 2022 | News

Uruguay drew 0-0 against South Korea on the first date of Group H this Thursday at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022.


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The Asian team came out to propose in the first minutes of the match, meanwhile Uruguay waited in their field and analyzed the rival during the first 5 minutes, but South Korea began to dominate the wings looking to open the scoring but the shots on goal went diverted.

After 15 minutes, the game was played only on half court with little depth and arrival at the goal, both Uruguay and South Korea were ordered in their exits without goal options. At minute 19 Federico Valverde finished first but the ball went over the South Korean goal.

Uruguay began to dominate the actions of the commitment and in a pair between José María Giménez for Darwin Núñez who crossed the goal but missed the vertical of the South Korean goal.

The charrúa claw was superior in the last 15 minutes with some goal arrivals but with little definition in the last section of the field and with the 0-0 they went to the break of the first half.

In the plugin, the changes for the Uruguayan team worked and with several clear goal options through Edison Cavani and Diego Godin that the Asian defense had to control and prevented the goal from coming for the Uruguayans.

But the Charrúas did not lower their arms and Godin looked for the goal after a very strong shot directly on goal that brushed the crossbar of the South Korean goal, minutes later the South Koreans through Mung-Son who tried to finish off from long distance on goal from Uruguay, however, the ball managed to clear a Uruguayan defender.

The duel ended with a 0-0 tie and Uruguay on the following date will face Portugal and South Korea against Ghana on Monday, November 28.