Bipadel joins as Sponsor of the FEP

The Spanish Paddle Federation incorporates a new Official Sponsor. Bipadel, The sports supplement brand of Vázquez Sport has signed an agreement with the federative entity valid for one year (until December 2022).

“We are delighted to be able to start this relationship with Bipadel, a sports supplementation firm that is making its way into our sport with an attractive range of products”, explains the vice president of the FEP, JosĂ© PĂ©rez.

By virtue of this sponsorship agreement, the Spanish Paddle Federation will promote the Bipadel brand image through its channels and distribute its products in various official competitions.

“From Bipadel, in our desire to bet on sports and health, we are delighted to be able to contribute our bit in the development of this sport at the hands of the federation,” says the CEO of Vazquez Sport, Juan Vázquez, who “trusts that he will be able to continue supporting the federation for many more years.”

The firm, along with the commercialization of its products, provides support to athletes. In this sense, it currently maintains a sponsorship relationship with Victoria Iglesias, José García Diestro, Pincho Fernández, Gonzalo Rubio, Mario del Castillo, Javi Pérez, Jairo Bautista, José Luis González, the sisters Eunice and Priscila Rodríguez, and with him adapted paddle tennis player, Miquel Martí.

Belonging to the Vázquez Sport company, Bipadel is a firm specialized in sports supplements specific for paddle tennis that throughout this 2022 it will add new products in its online store and in its different authorized points of sale.