Biden’s border plan when Title 42 ends includes accelerated removals of immigrants and increased surveillance


The Biden Administration will increase border surveillance.

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The President’s Government Joe Biden He will still have to face a setback from a Louisiana District Court to block his intentions to end Title 42, but high-level officials advanced the plan for the border with Mexico, which includes accelerated expulsions and greater surveillance.

The plan has six pillars, officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DSH) said in a conference call with reporters. This includesincrease resources for the border; increase the efficiency of immigration officers; apply a regimen of “aggressive consequences”; strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and greater coordination with state and local partners; go after cartels and smugglers, and work with regional partners.

“This comprehensive plan leverages a whole-of-government approach to prepare for and manage current and anticipated increases in non-citizen encounters at our southwest border,” states a document provided by the Biden Administration.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, acknowledged that there is an expectation of an increase in immigrants at the border once Title 42 endswhich allows for the expedited removal of non-citizens and prevents them from seeking asylum.

The government’s efforts – which are integrated into a memorandum signed by the secretary Alexander Mayorcas— are already being implemented, to “address a growing number of migrants that we expect to see cross the southwest border when Title 42 is lifted,” one of the officials said.

One of the officials responded to the question about what will happen the confirmed intention of Judge Robert Summerhays to block the decision to suspend Title 42. It was when the application of the accelerated removal of immigrants was confirmed.

“As long as the court actually issues the order, the Department plans to comply with that order,” one of the officials said. “However, I would like to point out that when the Title 42 Order is lifted, we intend to significantly expand the use of expedited removal through our Title 8 authorities and thereby imposing long-term law enforcement consequences for those who seek to cross the border without a legal basis.”

Secretary Mayorkas’s memorandum emphasizes the application of Title 8, which is a measure on asylum requests, which will allow a credible request to be responded to as soon as possible or speed up the expulsion of the person who does not meet the requirements.

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