Biden will continue to support Ukraine; asks his allies to do the same

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The White House confirmed that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, spoke yesterday to reiterate his country's support for Ukraine in the war and warned that a decline in support could embolden Russia and spark a broader conflict.

The conversation included leaders from Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania, Great Britain and France, as well as the heads of NATO, the European Commission and the European Council, who also discussed Ukraine's economic recovery and issues of food safety.

"President Biden made it clear that we cannot, under any circumstances, allow US support for Ukraine to be interrupted," White House Homeland Security spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

The United States has enough committed funds to meet Ukraine's battlefield needs against Russia "for a little while longer," but needs Congress's help to provide this support on an uninterrupted basis, he added.

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Kirby said the United States has military supplies for "a couple of months or so."

Kirby added to Biden's earlier criticism of a small group of House Republicans who have blocked funding for Ukraine, noting that most Republicans support the country.

"Such wavering of support will make Putin believe that he can wait for us now and that he can continue the conflict until we and our allies and partners bow down," Kirby said.

Countering Putin's ability to wage war on a neighboring nation may, in fact, prevent a larger conflict in which U.S. troops might be needed," Kirby added.

Biden called the meeting amid concerns that support for Kiev's war effort against Russia was waning after Congress excluded aid to Ukraine from an emergency bill to avoid a partial government shutdown.

No military aid funds

Biden's call to his allies to support Ukraine in the war that Russia started is due to the US Congress this weekend did not approve financial funds for military operations.

A sector of Republican legislators believe that the president should be more interested in facing local crises, such as the increase in migrants arriving at the United States border, than in fighting wars on the other side of the world.

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Lawmakers are expected to soon discuss a bill that seeks to approve $24 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

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