Biden highlights results of Democrats in midterm elections | News

The President of the United States (USA), Joe Biden, highlighted on Wednesday the results of the Democratic Party in the mid-term elections held the day before, stating that “they had a good night.”


Control of the US Congress remains undefined after elections

In statements to the media from the White House, the president declared that “although there were losses, some did not win, the Democrats had a strong night and we lost fewer seats than any other president in his first term in the last 40 years.”

In addition, he highlighted that the Democratic Party also had the best results for gubernatorial candidates since 1986, according to exit projections given so far.

“We still don’t know all the results but we do know one thing. They said we were going to have a ‘red wave’ that was going to destroy everything. It hasn’t been like that,” he emphasized.

The president also spoke about his intention to stand for re-election in 2024, although he plans to announce his final decision early next year, assuring that he will do everything possible so that former President Donald Trump does not return to the White House.

On the other hand, he recognized the frustration of voters in the face of the situation in the country, with inflation of more than 8 percent, the increase in violence and other problems. “The voters made it clear that they are still frustrated, I understand. These have been difficult years for this country,” Biden stressed.

In addition, he stated that he will work with the Republicans after, according to projections, this party will recover the majority in the House of Representatives and several governorships.

“We are going to continue working with our Republican colleagues for the good of the people. It’s not always easy. But we have passed a lot of bipartisan legislation since I took office,” the president said, adding that Americans also expect Republicans to work with him.

Biden recalled that “we inherited a nation with a pandemic of the Covid-19 disease and an economy that was suffering”, and insisted that the situation in the country will improve. “This is just beginning,” he said.

Similarly, he thanked the young people who voted to deal with the climate crisis, student debt and against gun violence, in a country where reports indicate that more than 500 mass shootings have occurred so far this year.

According to the exit poll results, presented by the US media The Washington Post, so far the Democrats have won at least 15 Governorships, while the Republicans have 16, but the result is still unknown in several states.

In the case of the House of Representatives, the projections indicate that the Republican Party will have the majority, but in the Senate it has not yet been defined.

The midterm elections voted for all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate, as well as for governors from 36 states, state legislatures, local councils and school boards.