Biden asks Congress for 30,000 million for Ukraine | News


US President Joe Biden asked Congress on Thursday to authorize more than $30 billion in what he calls additional security, economic and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia, White House officials said. Thursday.


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The White House says it needs Congress to approve a little more than $20 billion in what it calls security assistance to Ukraine, including $5 billion for weapons and other military aid, about $6 billion for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative Ukraine and another $4 billion for the State Department’s foreign military financing program.

During his speech this Thursday, President Biden defended himself and said “We are not attacking Russia.” However, he acknowledged the concrete military aid, which he called “giant” that the US provided to kyiv and described the various forms of aid.

Separately, Biden is asking Congress to approve an additional $8.5 billion in economic assistance for Ukraine and an additional $3 billion in humanitarian assistance and food security funding, as the massive request is what the Biden administration says is needed. to help the Ukrainian army against Russia.

“The president’s funding request is what we believe is needed to enable Ukraine to succeed during the next five months of this war,” a White House official told the Hill newspaper, which specializes in legislative issues.

In March, Congress passed legislation approving $13.6 billion in additional Ukraine-related assistance, including $3.5 billion in military equipment that the White House says has nearly run out as the United States seeks to help Ukraine.

Although Biden ruled out and reaffirmed the refusal to send US forces to fight the Russians in Ukraine, the White House believes that the help of the United States and its allies has been crucial to sustaining the war in that country indefinitely: “A Despite not having troops on the ground, our assistance has made a significant difference on the battlefield.”

In addition to the funding request, Biden is also asking Congress to pass new legislation that would tighten the application of new sanctions on Russian citizens and businesses.

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