Biden announces Russian oil import ban | News


President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that his government will ban Russian imports of oil, natural gas and coal to the United States in response to the special military operation in Ukraine.


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“Today I am announcing that the United States is targeting the main artery of the Russian economy,” Trump said.

“We are banning all imports of Russian oil, gas and energy,” he said in a speech broadcast live on radio and television.

Biden in statements from the White House specified that “this means that Russian oil will no longer be acceptable in American ports …”.

Washington’s decision came without the prior consultation of its European allies, which depend largely on energy from Russia and had opposed the idea of ​​banning exports in this area.

However, Biden has indicated that he has made this decision after consulting with his allies in order to “pressure” Russia after its military operation in Ukraine.

In addition, the American president has stated that he will cut off the interaction of the main Russian banks from the system of international transactions.

In London, on the other hand, the Government of the United Kingdom is preparing to reduce the acquisitions of crude oil and oil producers from Russia, according to the Minister of Business and Energy, Kwasi Kwarteng.

“The UK will phase out imports of crude oil and oil products from Russia by the end of 2022,” the chief said on his official Twitter account.

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