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One of the great stories of Mexican sport has been the extraordinary level shown by Santiago Gimenez. The young forward is the great sensation of the Eredivisie, becoming one of the most effective in Dutch football since he arrived from Cruz Azul at the beginning of last season. The national team arrived through the back door to the Netherlands, after signing with Feyenoord, no one there, and being realistic, even in Mexico, we imagined the kind of immediate impact it would have on the old continent.

But, as has already happened with several Mexican players who have reached that league, Gimenez He adapted quickly, earning the trust of the coaching staff led by Arne Slot, until it became a fundamental element of the successes obtained by the club; scoring 23 goals in 45 games played in all competitions. While so far in the new season, he has had a meteoric start, scoring 12 times. His growth has been extraordinary, and watching him play you can see how he has been improving in various aspects of his game. He is no longer just the powerful, heading striker who left Liga MX, he has added better individual technique, driving speed and enormous confidence in what he can do on the court. Things that, had he stayed in Mexico, surely would not have increased in the exponential way that they have thanks to the time he has spent in the Netherlands.

I still remember how they insisted that he was making a mistake by going to Feyenoord, because he was finally a starter at Cruz Azul, and that there nothing guaranteed him time on the field, belittling, as is often the case, the Dutch league, as well as the team he that arrived. Once again, the bubble of our soccer made us think that he was leaving a better situation, when, in reality, leaving the comfort zone of Liga MX was the best; At the same time, fighting in more competitive football and earning ownership would help him become a higher quality footballer with more hunger for success.

It is time for the national soccer player to understand that, if he wants to succeed at an international level, he must go to Europe, and also the media must stop selling them that being here is better for his career than exploring other options that, initially, may may not seem so attractive, but over time, it can lead them to grow as professionals, and eventually get the big contracts they are looking for.

His example helps many people realize that what Mexican football needs is to have more young people who think big and are willing to take the leap. Santiago He bet on his talent, that he had what it took to succeed outside of Mexico, so today his card is worth much more, and he has become a sought-after striker in the most important leagues.

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