Best discount of the year! Domestika Courses for $139 MXN + 10% Off on Buen Fin 2023

Best discount of the year! Domestika Courses for $139 MXN
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For this Good End 2023 Domestika has its most popular and best-rated courses for you with incredible discounts. From November 17 to 20, 2023, you can purchase the tools you need to develop your creative skills with discounts of more than 80%. Additionally, by adding the MEGADESCUENTOS-10 coupon you will have an extra 10% discount. The best thing is that you can buy the courses and take them whenever you want, as they will be stored in your account.

These are some of the best courses on offer that You will find this Buen Fin at Domestika, for only $139 pesos each:

Discount on professional photography courses for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms among artists and entrepreneurs; For this reason, knowing how to create quality content is very important. From the hand of photographer Mina Barrio you will learn everything about photography and video to position yourself in this wonderful social network. You don't need big tools, with your smartphone you can learn to capture, edit and publish your project. Plus, in just 16 lessons you can develop your photography style. Do not miss it!

Drawing course for beginners level -1

Improve your drawing skills with this course from illustrator and educator Puño, who, in addition to the best techniques, will teach you how to unlock your creativity. You need to have a notebook, pencils, markers, old scrapbooks, templates, and other utensils on hand to create your project. In the end you will be able to record your progress to share them with other artists who want to improve their style. This Domestika course has 18 lessons that will change your life. Get it on sale this Buen Fin 2023 and start it whenever you want.

Ongoing offering of modern watercolor techniques

The painter and illustrator Ana Victoria Calderonte will teach you how to unleash your creativity with the wonderful technique of watercolor. This Domestika course is ideal for curious people who want to explore this artistic world, since you do not need prior knowledge. In addition, you will have a modern approach to experimenting with a large number of unconventional materials. Experimentation is the key piece of this incredible course that will allow you to have fun while you learn.

Good End Promotion in Introduction to Adobe Photoshop course

Learn to retouch, reconstruct, clean and leave impeccable photos with the teachings of visual artist Carles Marsal. You will have all the tools you need to master photomontage and fully understand the importance of the dimensions and resolution of each of your images. Take advantage of the Adobe Photoshop CC free trial and Take advantage of this course at a special price in Buen Fin 2023.

Offer in progress for content creation and editing for Instagram Stories

In just 25 lessons, photographer Mina Barrio will teach you how to develop a publishing strategy on Instagram Stories. If you are trying to position your brand, you will have the opportunity to create a campaign with photos, video and design using only your cell phone. Besides, In this Buen Fin 2023 you will be able to find this course at the best possible price to get the most out of this incredible social network.

In short, Domestika has prepared its best discounts for this time of year, only during Buen Fin you can save up to 80% on your favorite courses. With the opportunity to apply a coupon for additional 10%.

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