Benjamin Gil on Randy Arozarena Hes like the Chavo del

Benjamin Gil on Randy Arozarena: “He’s like the Chavo del 8 of Mexican baseball”

Randy Arozarena and Benjamin Gil.

Photo: Chris Coduto/Getty Images

The manager of the Mexican National Team was questioned at a press conference about what the presence of Randy Arozarena meant in the Aztec dogout and the strategist surprised everyone as he compared the nationalized Cuban with Chavo del 8This is due to his personality on and off the pitch.

I know he is a very loved player in all of Florida, and here in Miami, but I think he is more loved now in Mexico“Said the strategist in statements reviewed by the official MLB portal. In addition, Gil assured that the outfielder has a personality that infects all his teammates with joy.

And yes, he has an infectious personality. She is a star, a character. He is like the Chavo del 8 of Mexico’s baseball. He is the character, I think, preferred by all of Mexico and by all Mexicans today.“continued the manager of the Mexican Baseball Team.

In the same way, he was forceful in terms of the outfielder’s play yesterday in which he caught the ball in a spectacular way at a crucial moment against Puerto Rico and pointed out that it was the best play not only in the history of Mexican baseball, but also in the history of of the sport of that country.

He is a boy who is extremely dedicated to doing everything within his ability to help this family of Mexican warriors fight for the world championship.“, he concluded.

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