Benjamín Gil, close to marking a milestone again

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Benjamin Gil led the Mexican National Team to a historic third place in the past World Classic and now the Tijuana native is close to once again marking a milestone for baseball in our country.

According to information from the portal, Gil is among the finalists to lead the San Diego Padres next season.

The Mexican is on a shortlist along with Padres advisor Mike Shildt and California team bench coach Ryan Flaherty.

Until now no manager born in Mexico has been a full-time manager in a major league organization, so Gil could open the history books to write his name.

Gil spent the season as infielders coach for the Los Angeles Angels, taking advantage of the experience he had as a player occupying the shortstop position.

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Yankees bench coach Carlos Mendoza had also been mentioned as a candidate, but that was before he was hired by the Mets yesterday morning.

Shildt is the only one of the group with MLB managerial experience; He was manager of the St. Louis Cardinals from 2018 to 2021. Gil won four championships as a manager in the Mexican Pacific League. He also coached the Mexico team in the 2020 Olympics. Shildt and Flaherty reportedly interviewed for the job in late October. Gil and Mendoza met at the beginning of November. Mendoza has also interviewed with the Mets, Guardians and Giants for the manager position.

Gil was commentating on the last World Series for TV image where he indicated his desire to take the reins of a ninth major league and also the Mexican National Team again.

The Padres plan to make a decision this week.


True to his custom and as a fervent baseball fan, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador recommended the San Diego Padres to Mexican manager Benjamín Gil after learning that the Major League team is looking for someone to lead them in 2024.

“I take this opportunity to make a call to the owners of the Padres who are looking for a manager, there is Benjamín Gil, he would be a very good manager,” said AMLO.

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