Bellingham, author of the double in the Spanish Classic: "I was not at my best level"

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English Jude Bellinghamgreat protagonist of the classic in its premiere with a doublet that gave victory to real Madrid in Barcelona (1-2), declared that, despite his goals, he was not at his best level.

He commented that before everything, he wanted enjoy Her first confrontation against the culé club:

I just spoke with my family and it was difficult to hear them well with the noise in the locker room. I was very excited before the game, I had watched many classics from the sofa with my little brother and my parents. I told them that today it was my turn to experience it and enjoy it as I have done.

Despite being the hero of the madridista comeback, Bellingham was self-criticism with his first classic. He said in Real Madrid TV:

It hasn't been a good day, neither me nor the team were at the same level. Little by little we began to have better feelings, to press, we had more ball and we achieved the reward to take the three points.

I wasn't at my best level. Sometimes it's not about trying to do something special every time you have the ball.

The midfielder commented on his equalizing goal, a shot outside the area and a real great goal.

I had been saying for weeks that I need to try from outside because the rivals think that I am going to combine with a teammate or enter the area. I know that I have the necessary technique to shoot from outside and I am very happy.

Bellingham highlighted the sensations What do you feel when they miss such an important game?

Another comeback, I love them. The heart has a hard time, but it is very fun. We don't give up, we all trust and we are very happy.

Finally, he concluded that “he prepares the games well,” he is “training well, learning a lot from his teammates and coaches.”

(With information from EFE)

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