Bellakath surprises with a peculiar poem in his new song Reggaeton Champagne

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Singer Bellakath has once again caused a sensation on social networks, this time thanks to his new song "Reggaeton Champagne". The song, which has already become a trend on platforms such as TikTok, includes a chorus with a peculiar poem that has captured the attention of thousands of followers and has gone viral in a matter of hours.

In his new song, Bellakath presents a chorus that says: "I don't have a problem if you smoke weed, You pull two so you get a lot of phlegm, I put the fire on it, you put the firewood, And while the beat plays I recite a poem to you "What beautiful eyes you have, I want to suck your p..., with all due respect, I hope you don't get upset, December is close, I hope you don't get sick and that you don't get a fever so you can bury it for me. Baby, put me however you want."

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This 'poem', which combines humor and provocation, has resonated strongly on social networks, where TikTok users have begun to replicate it and create their own videos to the rhythm of "Reggaeton Champagne." The song has become especially popular among young people, who They have found in their lyrics an element of fun and carefree.

The success of "Reggaeton Champagne" is not surprising considering the increasing popularity of Bellakath on the short video platform. The reggaeton singer had already conquered a considerable audience with her previous releases and Now he has attracted attention again with this new song.

In addition to "Reggaeton Champagne", Bellakath also has announced the release of her next album titled "Kittyponeo", scheduled for October 5. The album promises to include other original songs that are sure to continue to appeal to his growing fan base.

Bellakath's uninhibited and direct style in his songs, combined with its catchy rhythms and irreverent lyrics, have made her one of the most prominent emerging figures in the reggaeton scene. Her ability to connect with a young audience and her ability to create songs that they go viral on social media They have positioned her as an artist to follow in the world of Latin music.

Although some of his lyrics can be bold and provocative, Bellakath has made it clear that his goal is to entertain and amuse his audience. Her fresh and authentic style has resonated with a generation seeking to express themselves and enjoy music in a more relaxed and uninhibited way.

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The anticipation for "Kittyponeo" and the euphoria around "Reggaeton Champagne" suggest that Bellakath will continue to achieve success in the coming months. Her presence on social media and her ability to create music that she connects with young people has made her a prominent figure in today's music scene.

As the release of your album approaches, we're likely to see more of Bellakath on social media and that his songs continue to be an online phenomenon. With her distinctive style and uninhibited attitude, this reggaetonera promises to keep us entertained and dancing to the rhythm of her music for a long time.


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