Bella Thorne shows off her attributes to the fullest wearing a black dress with a plunging neckline


Bella Thorne.

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

In the last weeks Bella Thorne has shown a more glamorous image, and in its look now her blonde hair stands out. Her more than 25 million fans in Instagram They were pleasantly pleased by the photos and videos that she shared, showing off her attributes in an elegant black dress with a large neckline. The caption he wrote on one of the images was “filming something very special today.”

The 24-year-old actress, producer and director ended her relationship with Benjamin Mascolo, and from then on she changed her wardrobe, which is now made up of jeans, bodysuits and dresses in bright colors. The message she wrote next to one of her posts was “single and ready to chew 😻😻🌈✨”.

This year two series and one film have been released with Bella in the starring role; she continues to develop projects, and is currently working on the film “The Trainer”which he shared in one of his posts on Instagram.

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