Belinda surprises her fans in Pachuca with an unusual request; "I do not want"

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Belinda's relationship with her fans is one of the strongest in the entertainment industry in Mexico.since they have managed to position the singer's projects on social networks, which turns the star into a magnet for advertisers looking for their products to generate digital conversation.

For this reason, many of her followers do not hesitate to bring their love for the actress to their skin, something that she highly valued at the beginning of her career, but In recent years it is no longer to their liking due to the controversies that have arisen around tattoos. that his ex-partners have done with his face.

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During one of the presentations he made at the Pachuca People's Theater 2023, The young Spaniard gave everything on stage with songs like Dopamine, Lolita, Luz sin Gravity, among others; However, a sign that was in her audience motivated her to give a brief comment that took many by surprise.

Among the attendees, a piece of cardboard stood out that said “Belinda tattoo me,” to which the singer responded "I do not want", letting out a laugh in front of the entire audience who also took the moment with great happiness.

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The interpreter has graciously taken comments on social networks that claim that she has resorted to dark things to make the singles of the moment fall in love with her, He has even incorporated the prayer of “Santa Belinda” into his most recent tourbut she has made it clear that she is not in favor of using these anecdotes to harass her followers or attack her directly on social networks.

Belinda is resuming her musical career after several years in which she only participated in collaborations or work for some film projects, so she has begun to tour various parts of the country with the aim of feel the love of his belifans again and be inspired by what will be the successor to Catharsis.

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