Belinda spends on an expensive PRADA necklace full of diamonds for her pet

Pets do not stop taking relevance in the lives of celebrities, but ask Paris Hilton, but this time it was the turn of Belindato show what true love is between masters and dogs.

This time the haute couture houses realized that this love is sincere and therefore they created special products for the spoiled of the house, and The interpreter of Spanish origin knows it, so she decided to fill her furry friends with luxuries, glitter and glamor.

The interpreter of “Luz ingravity” made it clear that not only does she have to look the latest in fashion, but her pets, too. This is how he recently showed off his puppy, “4”, with a luxurious and exclusive necklace.

It should be remembered that “4” arrived with Belinda and Nodal, after “Gizmo”, one of the actress’s puppies, died at the end of 2020. So, at the beginning of 2021, the couple, better known as “Nodeli” welcomed the little one with a tender message on social networks, which also served to further verify the love between the singers.

A little over a year after the puppy arrived in very good hands, The fans of “Nodeli” applaud the couple more than ever for loving and pampering the animal, who as a good “son” of celebrities, She’s wearing the best luxury accessories like a $400+ Prada necklace.

It was Belinda’s fans and Nodal who made this luxurious necklace from the Italian firm Prada go viral, after the actress shared a video in the recording studio on her Instagram account. Well, while Nodal sang a song and played a couple of chords on the guitar, his fiancee played with the puppy.

But due to the blue lighting of the place, the crystals found in the scarf anchored to the necklace began to shine more than ever. In such a way that they revealed a small metal plate that reads “Prada”.

According to the official website of the Italian brand, this luxury accessory is made of satin and adorned with sparkling crystals and is priced at 340 euros, that is, four hundred dollars. That is why the couple’s followers do not stop leaving comments like “happy to be with them” and “he who can, can”, in reference to the high cost of the necklace.

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