Belinda reunites with the boys from “Cómplices al Rescate” and Daniela Luján?

Belinda reunites with the boys from “Cómplices al Rescate” and
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Young people who grew up with children's soap operas of the 2000s had asked for years that the protagonists of Friends forever and Sidekicks to the rescue met again, something that finally happened on the night of November 10 when Belinda He reunited with his colleagues who are part of the 2000 Pop Tour show

The Dopamine interpreter was the special guest for the presentation that took place in Guadalajara, Jalisco, who performed before the thousands of attendees who were waiting to sing songs like Superstar or Sapito, but this did not happen, since she presented the songs that have crowned her as one of the princesses of Latin pop.

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Although she did not participate with her former colleagues on stage, Belinda did not hesitate to approach them backstage, where she could not hold back her tears while everyone shared hugs and memories of when they were child stars.

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This was Belinda's reunion with her colleagues from Cómplices al Rescate

The singer shared on her social networks what the reunion with her classmates was like. Accomplices to the Rescue and Friends x Always, soap operas that he starred in alongside Martín Rica and Fabián Chávez when I was a kid.

In one of the images you can see Beli accompanied by Martín in one of the halls of the premises, while in another you can see the moment in which other former child stars hug her, reminding us of those scenes where Mariana's character hugged her friends when they finished their presentations in the town square.

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Did Belinda and Daniela Luján meet again?

One of the main stars of the 2000 x concept Always is Daniela Luján, However, the envinada and Belinda did not share a moment together on stage, as each one presented their show.

Let us remember that Daniela shared that it was she who gave the idea of ​​a soap opera about twins to producer Rosy Ocampo.this with the purpose of her being the protagonist, but as we all know, it was Belinda who was left with the main role until she decided to abandon the project to travel abroad and prepare her solo album.

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Although Luján entered the final stage of the soap opera to play Mariana and Silvana, the interpreter of Boba Niña Nice said in an interview that she was superior because she did impose fashion. Statement that haunted the actress of Daniela's Diary for many years.

Daniela Lujan declared in his program Envinadas that she never had a problem, but he would not seek a rapprochement because they never had a close relationship.

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