Belanova returns to the stage at the Bésame mucho Festival in 2024

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Belanova is one of the pop groups that achieved great popularity in the early 2000's, however, several years ago they separated and many are waiting for his return to the stage and it seems that there will be no more waiting.

This morning the Bésame Mucho festival announced the lineup for its 2024 edition and To the surprise of many, Belanova appears on the poster This marks their return to the stage after a little more than four years.

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Belanova returns to the stage

Through a publication on social networks, the Bésame Mucho festival revealed the artists who will be in its next edition in which Belanova appears.

The group led by Denise Guerrero He also published the poster on his social networks and therefore excited his fans who were eagerly waiting to see them again on stage to sing songs like “Rosa Pastel.”

“Finally”, “You don't know how much we waited for this”, “We've been waiting for you for so many years”, “It's going to be my first Belanova concert”, Tour in Mexico, please”, “We're looking forward to you”, “Thank you for coming back . "It was worth all the waiting."

When will Belanova perform at the Bésame Mucho festival?

According to the information that the festival gave, Belanova will perform on March 2, 2024 in Austin, Texas.

The place where the Mexican group will return to the stage will be at the Circuit of the Americas in said city.

What other artists besides Belanova will perform at the Bésame Mucho festival?

This festival will bring together the best of the pop, northern, banda and rock music, so it will have an infinite number of from artists like:

  • The tigers of the north
  • Border Group
  • Rough
  • Ramon Ayala
  • The Tijuana toucans
  • Heavy
  • Duel
  • Bobby Pulido
  • MS band
  • Banda El Recodo
  • The addictive
  • Recoditos Band
  • Caiphanes
  • Cafe Tacvba
  • Juanes
  • The Tri
  • Men G
  • Molotov
  • Enanitos Verdes
  • Inspector
  • Kinky
  • Belanova
  • Alejandra Guzman
  • Belinda
  • Without flag
  • reik
  • Ha*Ash
  • Danna Paola


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