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The opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics took place this Friday in the Chinese capital, which thus became the first city in history to host both Olympic versions, winter and summer. (2008).


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The ceremony took place at the National Stadium, popularly known as "Bird's Nest", which was also the scene of the inauguration of the event in 2008, although unlike that occasion, now it had an extremely limited capacity due to the pandemic. of the Covid-19.

The opening ceremony, due to these restrictions and the prevailing cold in the Chinese capital, although it was scheduled for about a hundred minutes, much shorter than usual with ceremonies that last almost 4 hours, ultimately lasted almost two hours.

In the grandstand of honor, the opening of the Games was presided over by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, and the president of the International Olympic Committee, the German Thomas Bach, although the leaders of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and Argentina, Alberto Fernández, were also present. opposed to the diplomatic boycott led by the United States.

The inaugural show was made up of 15 segments which include the traditional parade of the national delegations and the lighting of the Olympic flame and was directed by the renowned Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, who also directed the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. summer in 2008.

As is customary, a two-minute countdown and a fireworks show began the act, an allegory of the beginning of spring as marked by the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, which was celebrated this week with the greatest internal displacement of the world.

Bach delivered the central words of the night in which he thanked China for the organization in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the volunteers who allow these games to take place and spoke for the Olympic truce to prevail.

For his part, Xi declared the games open, a moment that gave way to the entrance of the Olympic flag and the oath of athletes and judges.

The crowning moment of the ceremony occurred when the volunteers who carried the posters with the names of the participating countries, in the form of snowflakes, united them and revealed that they were drones that formed a giant snowflake, which, the dessert contained the Olympic flame which was left floating above the "Bird's Nest".

For this Saturday (Friday night in Latin America) the start of sports activities is planned.

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