Behind the scenes: this is how Mirtha Legrand's return to television was experienced

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This was Mirtha Legrand's first program with Fátima Florez and Javier Milei

“Where is my grandmother?” she wonders Juana Viale He barely crosses the entrance door to the Cuyo studios. The reference, of course, is for Mirtha Legrand, the woman who in just one hour would begin recording the 55th season of her show. The comings and goings, the negotiations, the uncertainties are part of the past, and La Chiqui shows the same enthusiasm as always but renewed. And the actress doesn't want to miss any details.

Attentive to every movement, Juana heads to the dressing room. the diva who arrived made up from her home and waits patiently for approval to be able to travel to the studio. There, meanwhile, technicians, cameramen, sound engineers and producers check that the machine works perfectly, that when it is time to give air nothing is left to chance. Monitoring everything, his grandson and producer Nacho Vialeensures that everything goes as planned and ensures that his grandmother has everything in a timely manner

Behind the scenes there is also Marcela Tinayre, who reveals that he didn't have time to see his mother all day. She observes and approves the decoration of the studio, but far from being satisfied, she cannot handle her genius and rearranges some of the many bouquets of flowers that celebrate this return to television.

Mirtha Legrand at her desk, like 55 seasons ago
Mirtha Legrand at her desk, like 55 seasons ago

“I am playful with the decoration theme, I changed the place of some flowers for their exit, so that the passage is wider. Furthermore, I like harmonious colors, so with the person in charge we changed some places,” explains an exultant Marcela to Teleshow. “Did you see how cute it is? Spectacular clarity. I love it for her, she is happy”, she adds with daughterly praise, while continuing to put the finishing touches so that everything is perfect.

"We are very happy. I am amazed and trying to make everything beautiful, there are many technicians and professionals for that, but I am also the moral support. The decoration is one of the most beautiful I have seen, it is warm,” Marcela completes. In relation to the preparations, she warns that there will be no air conditioning in the studio, because it is worth remembering that Chiqui is recovering from dysphonia that caused doubt about the date of her return.

The cameramen rehearse all the shots, from the diva's exit to the studio to each of the three places at the table that will be occupied. On her desk, meanwhile, there are already the different cards with the required greetings and the aforementioned flowers, where an imposing bouquet of yellow roses stands out with a sender already known to everyone: Susana Gimenez.

Fátima Florez, Javier Milei, Mirtha Legrand and Nacho Viale
Fátima Florez, Javier Milei, Mirtha Legrand and Nacho Viale

The lights go off and there is total silence, but everything is a false alarm and was only produced to check that they are also working correctly. After the last check-up, now is the time for Mirtha Legrand to appear in the studio -hand in hand with Juana- in an impressive dress of Claudio Cosano. Her historic designer watches her from behind the scenes, with a grimace of satisfaction for the work done.

The guests for this first shipment? Javier Milei and Fatima Florezthe couple of the moment and who, without knowing it at the time, had their first love crush last December precisely at a table where they were accompanying the lady on television. The comedian was in her dressing room early on, still not deciding whether to go on camera in a white dress or a black one. The candidate for President, for her part, would arrive almost on timerecognizing that on this occasion she had not combed her hair either, as has happened since she was 16 years old.

This is how Mirtha Legrand arrived to record her first program La Noche de Mirtha
This is how Mirtha Legrand arrived to record her first program La Noche de Mirtha

The lights fade to black and now, on the screen you can see a clip that summarizes the diva's career in film and television in a few minutes. At the end, Mirtha greets standing next to her desk, while the studio applauds and cheers for the woman who holds the world record for years in the air with the same cycle. Yes, that one Alexander Romeand I insisted that she take charge but she hesitated, due to the fact that she had to eat in the chamber with guests whom she also had to question about the most varied topics.

“You look divine,” Cosano's unmistakable voice is heard and Mirtha thanks, before expressing her pride because “I have a table that no one has.” The television broadcast graph leaves no doubts; “Mirtha is back”and after the different greetings and thanks to the companies that accompany her year after year, it is time to sit at the table with the guests.

To his right, in a black suit, matching tie with white polka dots and light blue shirt, Javier Milei. To the left of him, wearing a short black dress with one shoulder, transparencies and glitter, Fatima Florez. After the protocol greetings, the cook enters Jimena Monteverde, who is once again in charge of the menu for each day. For the premiere, it was decided to a burratina for the starter, a saffron risotto with a bondiola medallion as the main course and a pavlova with a citrus sauce and caramel details for dessert.

Mirtha Legrand, Javier Milei, Fátima Florez and the cook Jimena Monteverde, once again in charge of the menu
Mirtha Legrand, Javier Milei, Fátima Florez and the cook Jimena Monteverde, once again in charge of the menu

The recording takes place between laughter and knowing looks. It is the couple's first formal meeting in front of the cameras, and it cannot be anywhere else than with the woman who served as matchmaker. “She is a beautiful, talented woman, but neither of them were aware of what was happening.", says the economist as the only reference to that December crush.

After dinner and when the cameras turn off, the couple's first kiss occurs in public, before the eyes of all those present who crown that moment with applause. The ovation transforms into happiness for witnessing the return of Mirtha in a new season of the living legend of television, who with the last applause heads to her dressing room accompanied by her family and friends.

While Milei quickly leaves without giving statements to the press, Fátima takes a few minutes to chat with Teleshow. “It is strong to have been together in a program, we had never been"But the truth is that I felt very comfortable, because I already feel like Mirtha is a friend and there is a very special chemistry." And she only has praise for the host: “I saw her fantastic, better than all of us and with incisive questions, as always, in the style "Chiqui."

Fátima Florez and Javier Milei kissed for the first time in public at the premiere of Mirtha Legrand
Fátima Florez and Javier Milei kissed for the first time in public at the premiere of Mirtha Legrand

Regarding her romance with the economist, she assures that there are plans to coexist in the future, but at the moment there are some obstacles: “We are two people with many occupations, but we make the most of the moments we are together very well. He says that she fell in love with Milei “for her intelligence and her chivalry” and that during the program she saw him “fantastic, as always, super comfortable.”

Despite his predisposition, and being aware of the journalistic requirement, he chooses not to delve into the possibility of having a child together: “I'm not going to tell you all the things we talked about, because they are part of our intimacy. "These are not things to talk about in a minute," he excuses herself. And she clarifies that if she became first lady she would not abandon her artistic career: “If Javier wins, I will have my season like every year in Mar del Plata. What's more, I'm leaving now to do a casting and look for new talents,” she says in case anyone has doubts.

When Fatima leaves the studio, the lights go out and they rest until it's time for the next show. Meanwhile, in her dressing room Mirtha rests with the satisfaction of having accomplished her duty and she is already thinking about the next tableswhich will have the presidential candidates Sergio Massa and Patricia Bullrich. But those will be other chapters because What matters now is that Mirtha returned. La Chiqui returned. And the television smiles again.

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