Bedbugs, why shouldn't you squash them?

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Given the complaints of bed bugs in the Mexico City Metro (CDMX), UNAM campuses and other schools, recommendations have come out on how to end the plague and they assure that The worst thing you can do is crush them to death.

Although he CDMX government He assured that there is no alert in the country's capital due to the presence of Bedbugsschools such as UNAM where the presence of these insects have been reported have proceeded to fumigation. However, all the cases reported have caused psychosis among the population around these animals.

The first recommendation that experts suggest is that, if you detected the presence of a bed bug in your home, It is best to put an end to it before it becomes a plague.

Why not squash a bedbug?

Experts urge people to do not crush a bedbug since when you do, its body breaks and a yellow liquid is released that is a mixture of your body fluids. The liquid contains a chemical called histamine that can cause an allergic reaction in some people if they come into contact with it.

In addition, some bed bugs can emit a really unpleasant smell when crushed, since it is a defense they use to deter predators. This odor can persist for some time and is difficult to remove.

On the other hand, crushing a bed bug could leave eggs which will cause them to spread and then the problem will be greater.

Meanwhile, another factor to consider is that the bed bug's protective shell is too hard so it is possible that it will not be completely dead when crushed.

What to do to end a bedbug infestation?

The best thing to eliminate these insects is, in the first instance, to use special insecticides for bed bugs, to avoid having to crush them in the first place.

If the problem is bigger, it is best to call an expert to fumigate the entire house.

Where do bed bugs hide?

They are usually found in mattresses, pillows, blankets, bedspreads, bedspreads, and the headboards of beds. These are their favorite places because they are close to the food source, that is, where humans sleep.

How do I know I have bed bugs?

The first signs are bites on the body, as well as blood stains on the bed.

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