Bedbugs Do you feel itchy on your body? It could be Ekbom syndrome

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With the recent and constant bed bug reports In schools, Metro trains and other places, many people claim that they do not stop feeling itching, appearances of hives and some even see insects where there are none, these people could be experiencing Ekbom syndrome.

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What is Ekbom syndrome?

Ekbom syndrome is also known as scratching dermatitis, It is a medical condition characterized by an intense itchy sensation on the skin, which leads the affected person to scratch repetitively and vigorously. The itching sensation is often unbearable and can cause great physical and emotional discomfort.

With constant exposure to images of bed bugs or reports of pests appearing in public places, several people could be experiencing this syndrome.

How does Ekbom syndrome manifest?

  • Intense itching: this can be generalized throughout the body or localized to specific areas.
  • Compulsive scratching: People often scratch compulsively and often cause skin lesions due to the intensity and frequency of scratching.
  • Skin injuries: After so much scratching, people can develop skin injuries, such as scratches, open wounds, redness and inflammation.
  • Scars: In the long term, skin lesions and permanent scars could remain.
  • Anxiety and stress: Constant itching and scratching can cause anxiety, stress and emotional problems in affected people.
  • Social isolation: Those who suffer from Ekbom syndrome often feel embarrassed by their condition and may avoid social contact due to skin lesions.

Go to the doctor

Ekbom syndrome is not just any isolated event, it is a medical condition that requires specialist care.

Diagnosis and treatment

The person who must carry out the diagnosis and treatment is a health professional, whether dermatologists or psychiatrists.

Treatment may include drug therapies to control itching and address emotional symptoms, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy to help people control the urge to scratch and cope with emotional triggers.

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