Bedbugs do not appear due to lack of hygiene, experts say

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In an exclusive interview on the morning broadcast of "Sale el Sol", Dr. Ana Caballero, dermatologist, and Facundo Flores, pest specialist, addressed the growing problem of bedbugs, those flat, reddish-brown insects that, although small, They can cause great discomfort.

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Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that hide in places such as beds, couches, carpets, closets, and cracks in walls and floors during the day.

They feed on human or animal blood at night and then seek refuge in clothing or luggage to move to other places.

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Dr. Caballero warned that bedbug bites, although they go unnoticed at the time, cause itching and usually appear as red welts, sometimes in lines. These bites tend to appear on exposed areas of skin.

Despite being annoying, bed bugs do not transmit germs or diseases, according to experts. In addition, they debunked the myth that its appearance is directly linked to lack of hygiene.

While a messy environment may make it easier for them to hide, it is not the disorder itself that attracts them.

Facundo Flores shared some tips to combat this pest, recommending a thorough inspection of the areas where they have been seen.

Prevention, according to experts, is key to avoiding bed bug infestations and ensuring a healthy home environment.

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