Bedbugs and mass hysteria; closures, strikes and fumigations at UNAM

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The issue of bedbugs at UNAM has caused a kind of collective hysteria that has led to the closure of various Faculties of Ciudad Universitaria since, even, Some students have decided to take classes in The islands, For example.

But not only that, the concern for The plague spread to units outside CU, as Faculties such as Aragón announced that they will preventively fumigate the facilities and will have online classes until further notice.

The The Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, as well as the Faculty of Psychology, determined that there will be online classes for the rest of the week to fumigate.

Meanwhile, the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences announced the holding of virtual classes until further noticewith the purpose of carrying out actions to detect, prevent and eradicate possible harmful fauna in its facilities.

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According to a review carried out by this newspaper, at least ten schools and faculties have had to fumigate due to the concern of the university community, while others are still analyzing it.

Last week, the Faculty of Chemistry closed its doors due to reports from its community regarding the existence of a bedbug infestation in the facilities. However, after a technical opinion prepared by the General Directorate of Health Care, it was determined that there was no type of insect, nor any risk, despite complaints from students who showed photos of the alleged bedbug bites they had suffered. .

This Monday, UNAM reported that, as a result of inspections carried out by university specialists, so far the presence of insects has not been detected in the facilities of the highest educational institution.

He clarified, however, that the University Research Program on Epidemiological and Emerging Risks (PUIREE) maintains that, derived from the observation of images circulating on social networks that show bites, it can be inferred that they could be the so-called bed bugs (cimex lectularius).

Due to the habits of these insects, it is very unlikely that they will stay in classrooms, since they are mainly located in mattresses, pillows, bedding and street clothes, and they can be transmitted from one person to another when traveling in passenger transport. ”, argued the University.

Given this, he recommended maintain proper personal hygiene, washing clothes and cleaning work areas, after recognizing that although they do not pose a risk of transmitting infectious diseases to humans, bed bugs are uncomfortable and can cause itchy bites.


On Monday, the Faculty of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics suspended activities to carry out fumigation and inspection of classrooms.

The Faculty detailed that during September four fumigationsbut for the well-being of the community, another one was held this October 2.

After the fumigation and review, it was reported that, as in the case of the Faculty of Chemistry, the presence of bedbugs was not found in its facilities either.

For its part, The Faculty of Law decided to advance its fumigation processoriginally scheduled for early November, for this Monday night, in response to the cases and measures adopted in other faculties.

In the opinion that the Faculty made public, the General Directorate of Health Care established that, after an exhaustive review, no evidence was found that bedbugs existed in the facilities.

This same Monday, the usual activities were resumed at the academic entity, since the substance used in the fumigation biodegrades 100%, 60 minutes after its application, so the activities were not suspended.


  • The Faculty of Chemistry was the first to be fumigated following a complaint from the students.
  • The UNAM assured that they have not found these insects in any of the Faculties and fields outside of CU.
  • University authorities clarified that it could be bed bugs, which are transmitted on public transportation from person to person.

Meanwhile, yesterday, The director of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Mary Frances Rodríguez, announced that after a review carried out on Monday night, no evidence of the presence of bedbugs was found.although, given the various reactions that this has caused in the community, an inspection by specialized personnel will be carried out and a deep cleaning will be carried out as well as all areas of the Faculty will be fumigated, so classes will be held held online until next Friday.

Similarlythe director of the Faculty of Psychology, María Elena Medina Mora, announced that, given the concerns expressed about the possible presence of bedbugs in the entity, a specialized company was asked to fumigate the facilities, so classes will be held online until next October 6.

The director of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Carola García, asked the teachers to be empathetic with the students, that due to technological difficulties cannot enter the virtual activities, due to the fumigation that will be carried out.

For its part, Given the stoppage of activities by the Dentistry students, who demanded a second and even third fumigation before returning to classes, the Management of this faculty indicated that although it was fumigated on Saturday, September 30 and will be fumigated next Saturday, October 7, There will be meetings with the group leaders to speak in person, as soon as they consider it.

It is important to keep in mind that it appears to be a problem in Mexico City in general, which could involve all means of transportation where there is eventually the possibility of spread due to the mobility of users, and which will surely take several days or even several weeks to resolve. We reiterate that the Faculty is in completely safe health conditions, even so we will reinforce the measures for your peace of mind,” said the Faculty of Dentistry.

The Faculty of Sciences has also carried out a review of its facilities without finding the presence of bedbugs. No sign of infestation. However, he announced that he began preventive fumigation yesterday and today, and on Thursday it is planned that the substances used for fumigation will be ventilated, so classes will resume until Friday the 6th.

On the other hand, The Faculty of Engineering also joined the suspension of in-person classes for today due to the issue of bedbugs and asked his students to establish contact with the teaching staff to maintain academic continuity during the time in which the fumigation of the facilities was carried out.

In some cases, teachers have already agreed with their students to have online classes.

Also the Directorate of the National School of Social Work suspended activities yesterday to review the facilities due to the alleged plague.

The Faculty of Music reported that on September 20, it received a report of the presence of bedbugs in one of its classrooms., so a fumigation service provider conducted a thorough check without finding any trace of bed bugs. Despite this, fumigation was carried out that same day and was repeated on September 29.

The Faculty of Architecture assured that there is no evidence of a plague, but they requested a review. Meanwhile, activities will continue to be carried out normally.

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