Becky G's impressive transformation: this is how she looked before she was famous

Becky G.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Becky G is part of the new generation of artists who has managed to captivate the public thanks to her talent, charisma and beauty. These qualities of hers have earned her to amass a large number of her followers, who have accompanied her at every step of her career. But what did the young woman of Mexican descent look like before she was famous? Here we tell you.

It was in 2014 when the world heard Rebbeca Marie Gomez for the first time, because officially debuted with the single “Becky from the Block”a new version of the song released by Jennifer Lopez in 2002 (“Jenny from the Block”).

Since then, Becky G has released some songs in English, such as “Shower”, “Problem” and “Can't Stop Dancin'”. However, in 2016 he turned his career around and released his first single in Spanish Titled "Alone".

With this new style, the famous 25-year-old managed to become widely received by the Hispanic publicwhich helped him to manage important collaborations that boosted his career, such as "Sin pajamas", "The answer", "When I kissed you" or "Booty".

Thanks to her success with these songs, Becky G joined J Balvin's tour as an opening act and consolidated a collaboration with Maluma ("The Answer") and another with Bad Bunny ("Mayores").

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