'Bear' by Bruno Valdéz buries hope for Boca Jrs. against River Plate

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River Plate took over the Argentine superclassic by beating as a visitor Boca Juniors 0-2in the central party of the seventh date of the League Cup played on Sunday afternoon at La Bombonera.

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In front of more than 50,000 spectators, the Venezuelan striker Salmon Rondon (40), on the rebound, opened the account for the visit, and the winger Enzo Díaz (90+5) sealed the victory of the Millionaire, who won a visiting match again at La Bombonera after five years.

The defeat in the superclásico is a hard emotional blow for Boca ahead of the second semi-final of the Copa Libertadoreswhich will compete against Palmeiras next Thursday in Sao Paulo, after drawing the first match 0-0.

In a harsh duel, it was River the one who had the clearest minda, in front of a Boca with its head set on the match against Palmeirasand that he arranged a formation with several substitutes, but the coach Jorge Almirón's bet did not pay off and in the second half he brought in some starters in search of avoiding a tough defeat.

He Victory on the Boca field alleviates the situation of coach Martín Demichelisquestioned a few weeks ago due to River's irregularity, which His performance dropped a lot every time he left the Monumentalbut with this victory they once again get into the fight for the League Cup title.

On the contrary, the defeat once again fills coach Almirón's future with uncertaintysince Boca was very far from everything in the local championship, and one last chip will be played on Thursday in Sao Paulowith the possibility of reaching the final of the Libertadores, or adding new frustration.

"Today everything went backwards"said Almirón, who charged against referee Andrés Merlos for a possible infraction by a River player in the action prior to the first goal, and added that "It came out everywhere that he is a River fan. The fault was clear, we were [viendo] next to the bank. The play continues and they score you the goal. And the play of the goal in favor [anulado a Cavani] it's millimeter".

The victory in La Bombonera leaves River as escort in Zone A of the League Cup, just one point below the leader Independiente, while Boca fell to the tenth step of the tablewith less and less margin to reach the quarterfinals.


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