Be careful with your positioning in the face of conflict

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Hector Moctezuma de León.

The president and the foreign ministry must be very careful about their position regarding the conflict in the Middle East, it is not just anything, it is an old dispute between Israelis and Palestinians in which everyone is right and acting in situations that at times They reach the possibility of a global conflict breaking out.

The war, as described by the Prime Minister of Israel, which began this Saturday with a surprise attack by the terrorist group Hamas, which caused death in the territory of Israel, is on a larger scale than that of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Today we are facing a confrontation that could be far-reaching, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described it, with global repercussions both economically and politically. The impact of this conflict has influence throughout the world. Uncertainty led oil prices in the international market to reach $90 per barrel and may soon exceed $100.

The president and the foreign ministry have so far been cautious in their statements, the first said that Mexico does not take sides, but does speak out for peace, while the second, in the voice of its foreign minister, has limited itself to reporting on the situation of the Mexicans who were stranded in those lands and the support provided to them.

Mexico cannot be in tune with the countries that unconditionally support the people and government of Israel, for different reasons, and in particular for one, that on Mexican soil there are Hamas cells that can respond with reprisals.

It is not strange that both parties demand a clear position from our country in favor of their cause, but that would bring consequences that we could later regret. Just yesterday, the Israeli embassy in Mexico launched an aggressive letter against the Mexican government.

The problem is that the Mexican government cannot play the deceased in a conflict of such magnitude, hence Mexican diplomacy will have to establish a strategy that frees us from any future retaliation from either party.


They say that they are not the same as the previous ones, but in electoral matters they act the same as the PRI in its years of glory and its only triumph in this century. The polls. Claudia Sheinbaum's team copies the PRI's poll strategy, with large percentages of advantage to discourage voters, especially those who are undecided, with the message that why are they voting if everything is decided in favor of the morenista The laboratory of this plan was the State of Mexico where Morena bought surveys that placed Mrs. Delfina Gómez with a wide advantage over the PRI member Alejandra del Moral. In the end the teacher won, but not with the wide margin that the surveys gave her. in a way. Today the phenomenon is repeated for the presidential election, the cases of El Universal and El Economista are a clear example that with Claudia Sheinbaum they are also going there. It remains to be seen if the Frente Amplio por México has a strategy to counteract these rigged polls.

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