BBVA Mexico's commitment to sustainability: Sergio Torres Lebrija

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Sustainability has become a global imperative today. Companies, governments and citizens around the world are taking action to address environmental and social challenges.

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In this context, and within the framework of the 2023 Sustainability Image Summit that brings together leaders and visionaries to discuss the Sustainable Industry, BBVA México highlighted its commitment to promoting sustainability in the financial field and beyond.

In this interview, Sergio Torres Lebrija, director of strategy, innovation and sustainability at BBVA México, shared several keys to understanding the role and importance of BBVA in this matter.

Driving sustainability through digitalization

Sergio Torres Lebrija spoke about BBVA México's commitment to sustainability and how it has become a fundamental part of its strategy.

3 years ago we launched our digitalization strategy, it has been a success with 29 million customers. We put banking in the palm of your hands, and 72% of our customers already use it. In this sense, sustainability is linked to the UN objectives, especially in climate change, where we are making the digital transition for a more sustainable world."

Contributing to the Environment and the Circular Economy

BBVA México not only focuses on digitalization, but also on promoting a more sustainable world from an environmental and economic point of view. Sergio Torres Lebrija highlights, "We are committed to reducing CO2 and the circular economy. We provide financing for the acquisition of electric cars and preferential rates for environmentally friendly technologies. In addition, we launched a program to measure the carbon footprint of our customers. customers through payments for services they make with their credit cards.

Support for companies and commitment to sustainability

An essential part of BBVA Mexico's strategy is to support companies, governments and corporations on their path to sustainability. "We are providing financing for ecological projects such as solar panels and environmentally friendly machinery. In addition, we have launched the first BBVA sustainability challenge, focused on the sustainable solution to the sargassum problem," highlights Sergio Torres Lebrija.

Finally, Sergio pointed out that sustainability is not an exclusive issue of one industry or sector.

"We work in more than 10 areas and we are seeing more and more companies coming together and committing to social and climate issues. It is not an option, it is a business imperative today."

A sustainable future

In a world that is constantly changing, BBVA México demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and its fundamental role in promoting a more sustainable future. "Those companies that are not concerned about sustainability issues are going to have a big production problem. It is not something that can be ignored, it is a business imperative," concludes Sergio Torres Lebrija.

BBVA México continues to lead the way towards a more sustainable world, demonstrating that banking can be an engine for positive change in society and the environment.

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